Monday, November 9, 2009

the "perfect" cake; does it exsist?

So I have looked at hundreds, probally thousands of cakes and I have never found the "perfect" cake, the one that I look at and say "that is the epitome of what I have dreamed of, that is the ONE". I have on the other hand found a few that I "love-like", I do know that I have a list of must haves for the ONE.

  • round (I hate square)
  • tall (I only plan on having 100 guests, but a few fake layers to add heigth never hurt anyone)
  • Fondant (no buttercream)
  • Simple, classic
  • flowers somewhere
  • nothing to busy
  • Lace detailing ideally somewhere
A few I "like"...could really use some help in this area. I love looking at cakes and I find tons that I love and it seems to fit others so well but nothing yet that screams "S&D" (our initials), he thinks im crazy as long as it tastes good he is content.

I love the antique borach, nice touch

I love the idea of using only white and ivory as my main colors this cake is simplistic, classic and modern all in one

LOVE LOVE this cake!

not to crazy about the piping to busy for me but love the bow


I love the idea of a white/ivory weddig with black detailing, even more I love the idea of chocolate brown pops?

this cake speaks to me, it is beautiful, simple, modern yet has a classic feel to it

I do not like square cakes but this has a touch that I could live with. Understated beauty.

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