Friday, August 6, 2010

A look into my life- or at least the part I want you to know

Hello world this is me, or ate least some of me. I wonder how personal or candid I want to be? I want to be both so I have decided no names, nicknames are more fun anyhow, or at least I think so. I am young-ish, mid twenties, a "romantic" by claim but a total stubborn realist in reality. probably the most un-spotaneous person that you have met this side of the Rockies and I think way to much for my own good. I am completely high maintenance and my own worst critic, but I have no qualms whatsoever with my faults because I'll admit them to anyone- I am not perfect, far from but they make me who I am.

I live in a beautiful southern metropolis, yet is a monstrosity all at the same time. I love the city but at the end of the day I miss the simplicity, the small town draw, beauty shop gossip, roper wearing (though I have never owned a pair), wonderful childhood and people that make up the small town at that I call home. I wanted nothing more than to leave the "hell hole" through out my adolescence, and leave I did with more fury and fire than I had ever done anything in my life. To this day my mother cries at the idea of how her baby left home. Not that it was anything against my family, they are the most amazing people in this world and I am proud to call my parents two of my best friends. That's a whole other story though- needless to say I am glad I left because I now have such an appreciation for the town and place that my father's family has called home since the 1890's, and an appreciation for the small amount of time I get to spend there now as an adult- but time so filled with happiness.

My days are spent hour after hour talking to people, making people happy and saying I am sorry that your tea is watered down, or your burger is over cooked- "why Mr. Jones it would be my pleasure to replace your hamburger, and throw in a dessert". That's right I am a restaurant manager for a large corporation- line up people it does not get much better than this. Now don't get me wrong in this economy it is a blessing everyday I wake up and have a job. Gone are the days that I wore cocktail dresses to the beautiful steakhouse that I once called my home away from home and got my start in this business; gone is the restaurant itself. Like many in this economy succumbed to the lack of business. I constantly smell like a french fry and work a ridiculous amount of hours for a ridiculously little amount of pay- but hey one day when I finally finish school I will look back and it will ALL be worth it.

One thing I can give credit to my job that I curse most of the time is without it I would not have in my life what makes me happiest- my boyfriend. We both work for the same company and months after meeting at a mundane meeting, then a by chance email sent by a ever so sneaky friend we find ourselves happy as clams with two amazing dogs and a pretty great life if I do say so myself. He brings me back down to earth when I need it and deal with my ridiculous antics though he doesn't understand them 99% of the time. He's pretty great...I hope all the great girls out there will one day be able to say that and to have someone treat them as well as I am treated.

So this little synopsis is turning into a little spiel- I will try to sum myself up in fewer words than said above...

I am quirky beyond all means, tad sarcastic, lover of the arts, good boss unless you piss me off, very family oriented, not a bad cook if I say so myself, loyal to no  means and an all around okay person- if you don't think so that's okay with me too....

Okay- for real this time

So I started this blog last Fall and while I had every intention of spending lots of time with it and updating often with all the beautiful ideas I stumble upon on a daily basis, along with other small antidotes from this wonderful things we call life- something even more real set  in; reality. Guess what I am human and don't always have the time to spend with it- but I love to write and share and gather my ideas and thoughts so by gosh I am going to make a point! I am going to do it even if no one reads it but me :). So day one of this new "experiment" if you will.I doubt I will make blog history or have my story made into a movie but o-well maybe someone somewhere will get an idea, or at least a laugh at my expense :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

lovely vintge inspirations

I am completely inspired by Grace Kelly, I love the feeling of the 30's, 40's,  and 50's but with modern twists. I can see it now, a beautiful spring day, muted soft colors, church ceremony followed by an outdoor tented family style recpetion- I envision something out of the Great Gatsby. Now all thats left is to find all the componets needed to make this a reality...let the fun begin!

I love this project that 100 Layer Cake did for Project Wedding, always love what I find on 100 Layer Cake. The vintage stamps and calligraphy start the theme off beautifully.

BEAutiful! I am in love with the calligraphy. I was interested to see how difficult it would be to find vintage stamps, in five minutes on Ebay I found a huge selection of great unused stamps...time to start collecting.

This amazing DIY vintage table number project from Project Wedding it beautiful and so budget friendly.

I found this invite on Modern Girl Invitations and I love the simplicity and elegance of it, with lots of colors to choose from. Not bad on the budget either, $220 for 100.

 And for my absolute favorite find of the day, something I MUST have...

Vintage hankies for the save the dates from Lucky!

Monday, November 9, 2009

the "perfect" cake; does it exsist?

So I have looked at hundreds, probally thousands of cakes and I have never found the "perfect" cake, the one that I look at and say "that is the epitome of what I have dreamed of, that is the ONE". I have on the other hand found a few that I "love-like", I do know that I have a list of must haves for the ONE.

  • round (I hate square)
  • tall (I only plan on having 100 guests, but a few fake layers to add heigth never hurt anyone)
  • Fondant (no buttercream)
  • Simple, classic
  • flowers somewhere
  • nothing to busy
  • Lace detailing ideally somewhere
A few I "like"...could really use some help in this area. I love looking at cakes and I find tons that I love and it seems to fit others so well but nothing yet that screams "S&D" (our initials), he thinks im crazy as long as it tastes good he is content.

I love the antique borach, nice touch

I love the idea of using only white and ivory as my main colors this cake is simplistic, classic and modern all in one

LOVE LOVE this cake!

not to crazy about the piping to busy for me but love the bow


I love the idea of a white/ivory weddig with black detailing, even more I love the idea of chocolate brown pops?

this cake speaks to me, it is beautiful, simple, modern yet has a classic feel to it

I do not like square cakes but this has a touch that I could live with. Understated beauty.

Loving Lace

After all there is something about a wedding-gown prettier than in any other gown in the world. ~Douglas William Jerrold

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a fascination with weddings, anything and everything that there is to do with them. I was that little girl that dressed up in her best party dress on a Tuesday afternoon just to watch Kid's Incorporated and day dream about the "boy" that would one day sweep  me off my feet. As I have gotten older I have always loved looking for inspiration and thinking about what I will have down to every last detail on that special day. My love for anything and everything wedding stems out to even more than just weddings..I love fashion, design, color anything that gets me inspired or thinking. I hope to bring some inspiration to another "little girls" perfect day and to be inspired by others!

I have been running into a few dress designers lately that I had never heard of but that I am now in LOVE with, and I am even more in love with lace details.....

I just love Martina Liana, her dresses are all so classic yet have modern twists. I also love her lace work....I personally think this dress is amazing. So Grace Kelly, I also am loving the easy change from ceremony to recpetion dress. No need to buy a second dress..genius!

Pockets- casual  but on this dress they are anything but! Classic, chic and practical!

Simple silouettes and touches of lace...classic

Again with the lace details...way to my heart

I love 100 Layer Cake I find myself browsing through this blog almost daily, the color boards are always amazing. I love this one, I feel like it would compliment the first Martina Liana dress perfectly with the lace and vintage feel. Any ideas?

I have never been to crazy about the idea of using green in my color palatte but the gold, silverspun and I would use a lighter color than lilac is a beautiful jumping off point. I think my biggest struggle will ulitmately be pinning down a color palatte that is cohesive, classic, elegant, and still has a little southern charm but without being "country" or "kitchy" or "casual"....grr I always gets frustrated when thinking about color schemes.